Volunteer/ Host an Event with CWAVS

CWAVS was built on volunteers. The organization was started by a group of caring people who wanted to help women and their children fleeing abuse by voluntarily opening up their homes to them. We are grateful for the many helping hands and hearts that have donated their time, expertise and support to our organization over the years.


Download the Volunteer Application here.



COVID-19 Update: Currently, our regular CWAVS Volunteer Program is on hold until it is safe to gather in groups and we can safely offer volunteer opportunities that do not put people at risk. There are still a few safe ways that you can volunteer your support.


CWAV Society loves when individuals or organizations hold events that raise money for our programs and services. We call these “third-party fundraisers”, and they are a great way to get your friends, family and customers engaged in a cause you support!

CWAV has gratefully received generous donations from many successful events hosted by others. Check out our COMMUNITY SUPPORTERS PAGE to see other individuals and groups who have successfully raised funds in support of CWAV’s programs!!

It takes time and effort to plan and conduct a successful event, and our staff will work with you so you can achieve the best possible results from your third-party fundraiser. Our tips on planning successful fundraisers and sample budget can help you plan the event.

CWAV Society supports and approves fundraising activities that are compatible with the agency’s mandate, philosophy and goals. All fundraising activities are evaluated using the following four step test:

  • Is the activity in keeping with the policies and mandate of the agency? (CWAV Society provides supportive services for women and children from a feminist and anti-violence perspective.)
  • Will the activity instill and/or reinforce confidence in the agency?
  • What is the impact of the event?
  • Will it have a good outcome?


CWAV Society will have input into and must approve all promotional materials promoting the event, including on social media, and any information that will be shared about the agency at the event itself.

To learn more about hosting a fundraiser, contact our Community Engagement and Development Manager, Jessica Lewinski at jessica.lewinski@cwav.org or call (250) 748-7000 (email preferable)